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Blog and Grow...A Few Facts About Increasing Your Biz by Blogging
by Allen T on June 26th, 2012

Small Business Owners Embrace Blogging:

13%, or 23.1 million, blogs are managed by entrepreneurs and small businesses.

68% of them manage the blog themselves and 61% spend between 4 and 40 hours a month blogging.

50% of them post between 4 and 12 times per month.

Questions to ask yourself:  Do you manage your blog by yourself or do you tell yourself that you just don't have the time for it? 
How much time do you think that you need to spend blogging and would you blog more if it took less time?  Are you posting each month, each week or each day.  If not, would you like to?
Source: Technorati

Big business is big on blogging:

61% plan to increase blog writing, editing and copywriting in 2012, while only 3% plan to reduce.

65% of B2B marketers use blogs in their marketing efforts.

68% say Customer Acquisition is a main goal of blogging.

67% say Lead Generation and 62% say Customer Retention/Loyalty

Would you like to acquire new customers? How many of them say that they found you online? How many shop online? Do you even know the answers to these questions?

Mashable, Share Content, Drive Traffic, Gain Customers Feb. 2012

Females use blogs:

Females 18-39 are 59% more likely to read blogs every day than the general population

Females 18-39 are 55% more likely to read/search blogs before a purchase than the general population

49% turn to blogs as the “first thing” in their purchase process.

87% have made a purchase based on blogs. (Compared with only 53% from Pinterest.)

Do you sell to women or do you sell a product or service that women have a heavy influence over purchasing?  Do you blog? Is your blog current and does it provide content that can help make purchase decisions?. Are you providing content that establishes you as a expert, knowledge leader, key player, or innovator! Are you providing FAQ information, education and relevant news to your clients?

We have a turn-key program which enables entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses to go about the work of running their business, while outsourcing the needed web marketing, blogging, social media to us!   It is really simple!

For a reasonable setup and monthly fee, our team sets up you blog, updated website presence and social media pages and then posts regular, monthly/ weekly/ daily content (based on budget) that gets you found on the internet.  As Google web integrators, we also leverage the robust and ever growing list of online Google Tools into the mix.  The result...we are your online marketing and biz IQ staff, without having to manage an actuall staff !  Everything is done for one low price, you business is found on local search results and your company grows.

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