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Biz Tips: Using a WebCam on Your Desktop
by Allen T on April 23rd, 2014

Hello Everybody,

Since we are big advocates and early adopters of desktop video as a communication tool, we are launching our own series of regular video blogs which address some of the essential online marketing tools, solutions and new developments in the online marketing world. 

As we tell our clients...it's much easier to click PLAY on a video...than to read, pages and pages of text...with the added benefit of being amble to "emote" WHEN and AS desired !

  Excuse the pregnant pauses and measured tone...this is the first run...I get better as I go.  (The very  same thing I tell our clients, who get nervous in front of a camera.)   Remember: The more you do this, the better, calmer and more comfortable you become...I guarantee ! 

In this months Video Blog for Small Business, I'm dishing up tjos short V-Blog on using webcam hardware and software for your messaging.  It's more immediate, effective and believable than writing and clients, potential sales leads, staff, vendors or Social media contacts can tell that your a real person...which can't be undervalued.  (That is the foundation of Social Media !)  Another nugget of advice...try to talk about what you know and keep it short.   

We specialize in high end production software for elaborate shoots, but in many cases...as this, a company wants something short, sweet and to the point...hours of post production aren't necessary.  It's the old adage...content is king...even a 640x360 pixel video-blog.  A good message and strong content will be remembered after the last cross dissolve fades to white. 

I can set up this on anyone's desktop for a small fee, which includes the camera, hardware, software and basic tutorial.  Call me for more info.   

Next month I'll talk about using Google Voice or software that comes with the actual camera.   AND give feedback on using Youtube video creator software...

Until next time.

Sincerely, Allen



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