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Top Lessons Using Social Media: Online Marketing Biz Tips
by Allen T on October 14th, 2015

Advertisers think that consumers want to have a deeply rooted connection with their company offerings, but the fact is that advertisers want to have a connection with their consumers/clients.  Advertising clients think that social media platforms are perfect advertising platforms because they want to be able to measure and classify all communications with the consumers and sell their story, products or service in the most cost effective way possible. Consumers/customers see Social media as a tool, a convenience, a trend, an exciting technology playground...but they will only utilize it if it presents relevant, engaging, multi-dimensional content and is a positive, entertaining experience.

Don't underestimate the power of production value either.  Consumers are demanding a message and visuals that get their attention. The days of putting someone up against a concrete back office wall and then rolling the video camera...won't keep interest or eyeballs.  Utilizing the simple white screen background can have great results...without breaking the bank. (Just ask Apple). The focus must be on message, content, professionalism and cleanness (uncluttered).

Content Is King...was chanted as the marketing mantra in years past.  This has not changed, but has become more important and relevant. Advertisers/Clients must capture their message and deliver it cleanly, professionally and clearly.  This doesn't mean that one has to invest in high-end graphics, after-effects or spinning or whirling text titles...(Although a great animation never hurts. )  Clients/Advertisers need to focus on the message, delivering video blogs with sincerity and passion can have more sway than the slickest (and usually) most expensive Adobe After Effects animation. 

It boils down to these few truisms...Advertisers need to offer an experience that has value, entertainment that has value, or goods and services tied to the Social Media engagement that has value. Advertisers have to earn the interest of the consumer if they want to be relevant in an interactive environment. It's a technology enabled communication platform/s driven by consumer use. It's not a advertising sponsored platform. As soon as companies/advertisers focus on splashing their latest pricing, promotion or service without paying mind to delivery, content, believably or without being mindful of their audience...their message gets lost among the millions of others.  That does not make for good return on investment.   (Special thanks to Chuck Ryant for inspiring this rant).

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