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SEO Biz Tips : Flush Out Your Strategy
by Allen T on December 15th, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone,
We were so busy in January, that were posting our January Blog the last days of the month.

In this months VideoBlog I'm talking a little about SEO strategies...a few tips on getting your Search Engine  plan in action.  Of course this includes talking about developing a plan of action, undertaking a competitive analysis and the importance of developing original content (over generic or repurposed marketing farm content).  Of course I plug our own marketing services and our own increasing use of client provided artwork or text to help in the process.   I like the artwork above...don't just have a video on YouTube (our favorite host), but have ORIGINAL content that is targeted to your own unique markets. 

It is becoming an absolute necessity to tailor your message to different client markets and those who do so, are experiencing better returns and higher conversions.  It might demand more preperation, research and testing...but getting a few, quality (and qualified) leads is BETTER than getting a bunch of non-qualified, non-responsive names in your inbox. 
Book your updated "INTRO VIDEO" for 2014 and have our experienced field producers update your story for the new year. 

Companies without an intro video are becoming rare.  We are experts in this format and helped pioneer the "intro" format. 

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