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New Google Email Marketing Tools : Biz Tip Basics
by Allen T on January 21st, 2016

Google is testing a new search feature that would pull messages from a Gmail account in response to a regular web search.

Email marketing is already one of the most effective channels available. If Google’s new search experiment catches on, email marketing campaigns may be the next big SEO tool.

Even if a subscriber barely paid attention to an email campaign when it was sent, the addition of inboxes to a standard web search would mean that same subscriber would be able to re-discover a relevant email campaign at the precise moment when he or she is looking for related content.

Google's plans should give all email marketers reason to think about "inbox stickiness." Simply put: even if a subscriber didn't connect with a particular message, relevant, engaging content might keep the campaign out of the trash and in the inbox where it can have a second life in searches.  (Contactology).

From Allen's Desk....

We will post tips and tricks of maximizing your online marketing campaigns in this and future months.  Our goal is to make you more aware of the power of targeted, customized, online campaignmarketing and in the process, make your campaigns more relevant, interesting and readable.

Were also developing a cool auto responder function (aka:drip) to email campaigns, which will make it easier to send targeted, topic specific emails automatically to your opt-in respondents, once certain criteria is met. Example: You send a birthday greeting on their special day, or you send a follow-up letter once a trial offer is extended. 

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