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by Allen T on February 2nd, 2015

Hello Everybody,

In this months video blog I'm launching up a quick video blog on the benefits of outsourcing or delegating your online marketing duties to a specialized agency...(like BVO Digital).  

In summary: Our proprietary SaaS web software platform is the foundation for all webpages, landing pages, blogs, and is designed for efficient SEO.  We also know this software works...and don't want to encourage inheriting another platform if we can. 
(And the associated learning curve and bugs that go with it). 
Once a business owner delegates to a professional, it is one less thing for him or her to learn...and eliminates a potential headache...of which there are many to deal with as a small business owner.  It also free's up time to focus on the important business of RUNNING your company and getting SALES !  

Remember if your not feeding the pipeline and boosting sales numbers each month...your competitors ARE ! 
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by Allen T on December 6th, 2014

We were recently forwarded an interesting article on the National Board of Realtors site, (NAR) which took a good look at the value of video marketing for Realtors. (Reprinted from NAR blogger Kate).  Click on the colored links for more information. 

(We also see a direct correlation between industries. Realtors, small business owners, inventors, retailers all benefit from many of the same features and benefits of video marketing. )

Article:  Real estate is local. However, after scouring the web we found some compelling evidence to support video technology and time investment for video creation as part of an online marketing campaign.

NAR partnered with Google this year on a research project titledThe Digital House Hunt which surveyed home shoppers between July of 2011 and June of 2012. A few highlights of this report include:
  • 16% of those who used a mobile phone during the home search process watched an online video about a home (p. 8).
  • Of the home shoppers who used video in the home search process, 51% went to YouTube, 41% went to brokerage websites, and 37% went to Google video (p. 12).
  • Finding an agent and agent related searches on YouTube grew 46% year-over-year in 2011 (p. 21).

And according to the NAR’s 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers:
  • About 4 in 10 buyers rated virtual video tours very useful among website features (p. 45).
  • 27% of home buyers and sellers looked at online video sites during the home search process (p. 47).

Additionally, the Pew Internet and American Life project publishes immensely insightful and reliable reports that frequently cover technology topics. Some recent reports and their highlights include:

Online Video 2013, (Pew Internet and American Life Project, Oct. 2013):
  • The share of online adults who watch or download videos has also grown from 69% of internet users in 2009 to 78% today, and mobile phones have become a key part of the video viewing and creating experience.

Photo and Video Sharing Grow Online, (Pew Internet and American Life Project, Oct. 2013).

Last, check out the NAR Library’s Field Guide to Digital Video as a Sales Tool and a few other articles from around the web:

Dare to be Different with Video, (REALTOR® Magazine, Aug. 2013):
  • Video is becoming more and more important to businesses. Forrester Research found that Web pages with videos are 53 times more likely to appear in the first page of Google search results than text-only pages. That kind of power is moving many real estate professionals to find new and interesting ways to present video as part of their marketing plan.

Homebuyers Seeking Out Video on YouTube, (Chicago Agent Magazine, Feb. 20, 2013).

If you are a realtor wanting a relationship with a professional video production company, contact BVO Digital and start the process.  We offer a variety of video and online marketing campaign options for every budget and goal. 

by Allen T on April 23rd, 2014

Hello Everybody,

Since we are big advocates and early adopters of desktop video as a communication tool, we are launching our own series of regular video blogs which address some of the essential online marketing tools, solutions and new developments in the online marketing world. 

As we tell our clients...it's much easier to click PLAY on a video...than to read, pages and pages of text...with the added benefit of being amble to "emote" WHEN and AS desired !

  Excuse the pregnant pauses and measured tone...this is the first run...I get better as I go.  (The very  same thing I tell our clients, who get nervous in front of a camera.)   Remember: The more you do this, the better, calmer and more comfortable you become...I guarantee ! 

In this months Video Blog for Small Business, I'm dishing up tjos short V-Blog on using webcam hardware and software for your messaging.  It's more immediate, effective and believable than writing and clients, potential sales leads, staff, vendors or Social media contacts can tell that your a real person...which can't be undervalued.  (That is the foundation of Social Media !)  Another nugget of advice...try to talk about what you know and keep it short.   

We specialize in high end production software for elaborate shoots, but in many cases...as this, a company wants something short, sweet and to the point...hours of post production aren't necessary.  It's the old adage...content is king...even a 640x360 pixel video-blog.  A good message and strong content will be remembered after the last cross dissolve fades to white. 

I can set up this on anyone's desktop for a small fee, which includes the camera, hardware, software and basic tutorial.  Call me for more info.   

Next month I'll talk about using Google Voice or software that comes with the actual camera.   AND give feedback on using Youtube video creator software...

Until next time.

Sincerely, Allen



Call us today, email us your url and we will offer up a NO OBLIGATION, online marketing assessment of your site.  

Needing help strategizing a new site, new direction and more effective campaign...let us help ! 


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by Allen T on August 2nd, 2012

What happened to Google Places?

As a business owner, you can still use Google Places to manage your business. As a user, you can now rate, review and upload photos through the new local search experience, Google+ Local.

Google+ Local is a new destination for all your reviews, plus much more. You’ll get personalized recommendations, see what your friends are up to, and help others find great places. You can also get deeper insights into locations from Zagat’s expressive 30-point scoring scale and Zagat’s summaries of user reviews, and even make reservations with OpenTable directly from a business’s Google+ page. Learn more about Google+ Local by contacting us. Need help in setting it up and managing it...you know who to call.

If you previously wrote reviews or uploaded photos in Google Places, all of your old Google Places reviews and photos are currently public but attributed to, “A Google user.” If you want to attribute these reviews and photos to your Google+ name, all you need to do is migrate your old Google Places reviews and photos to Google+ Local. At that time, you can choose which content to make public and attributed to your Google+ name, and which content to make private. Private reviews and photos will not appear publicly across Google, but you can view or delete your content by clicking on My Places in Google Maps, and selecting Rated from the More menu.

If you need help on how to move your Google Places content into Google+ Local, and for more in-depth explanations about what will happen to your old reviews and photos:
bvodigital@gmail.com.  Tel: 925-609-4bvo (4286).

by Allen T on June 26th, 2012

Small Business Owners Embrace Blogging:

13%, or 23.1 million, blogs are managed by entrepreneurs and small businesses.

68% of them manage the blog themselves and 61% spend between 4 and 40 hours a month blogging.

50% of them post between 4 and 12 times per month.

Questions to ask yourself:  Do you manage your blog by yourself or do you tell yourself that you just don't have the time for it? 
How much time do you think that you need to spend blogging and would you blog more if it took less time?  Are you posting each month, each week or each day.  If not, would you like to?
Source: Technorati

Big business is big on blogging:

61% plan to increase blog writing, editing and copywriting in 2012, while only 3% plan to reduce.

65% of B2B marketers use blogs in their marketing efforts.

68% say Customer Acquisition is a main goal of blogging.

67% say Lead Generation and 62% say Customer Retention/Loyalty

Would you like to acquire new customers? How many of them say that they found you online? How many shop online? Do you even know the answers to these questions?

Mashable, Share Content, Drive Traffic, Gain Customers Feb. 2012

Females use blogs:

Females 18-39 are 59% more likely to read blogs every day than the general population

Females 18-39 are 55% more likely to read/search blogs before a purchase than the general population

49% turn to blogs as the “first thing” in their purchase process.

87% have made a purchase based on blogs. (Compared with only 53% from Pinterest.)

Do you sell to women or do you sell a product or service that women have a heavy influence over purchasing?  Do you blog? Is your blog current and does it provide content that can help make purchase decisions?. Are you providing content that establishes you as a expert, knowledge leader, key player, or innovator! Are you providing FAQ information, education and relevant news to your clients?

We have a turn-key program which enables entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized businesses to go about the work of running their business, while outsourcing the needed web marketing, blogging, social media to us!   It is really simple!

For a reasonable setup and monthly fee, our team sets up you blog, updated website presence and social media pages and then posts regular, monthly/ weekly/ daily content (based on budget) that gets you found on the internet.  As Google web integrators, we also leverage the robust and ever growing list of online Google Tools into the mix.  The result...we are your online marketing and biz IQ staff, without having to manage an actuall staff !  Everything is done for one low price, you business is found on local search results and your company grows.

Online marketing programs, video production, website development, mobile app development, blog writing, social media setup and e-newsletters.