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GOALS: Exemplifying the typical small business-artist-owner who does it all... our affordable, Small Biz Marketing Package, gave this entrepreneur time to focus on his core business of designing and fabricating custom cabinets...leaving the "New Media marketing stuff"  to the experts. 

SOLUTIONS: We designed & animated a new logo,  website, monthly blog, Social Media pages (Twitter, FaceBook, Yelp pages) and developed a custom Thumbtack profile (fee based lead generation service).  We also develope and roll-out a monthly Video-Blog, which establishes Steve as a cabinet expert in his industry, providing valuable educational / information tips and giving him top page Google rankings !  We are also rolling out a dedicated YTube channel and have integrated a E-Mail registration sign-up form to collect emails !   LINK HERE. 

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Online credit card /payments solutions. 

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w/ E-Commerce development
( 3,000+ items ! ) 
Monthly Video-Blog Series and monthly
Social Media Campaigns

GOALS:  Develop a comprehensive, ongoing, online marketing campaign & strategy; large E-Commerce site as a sales tool for inside sales staff (quotes not given over phone) and upgrade from a first generation, static, Flash site.  

SOLUTION:  We rolled out a large, 3,000+ item E-Commerce module and a Web2.0 redesign which integrates:  New branding/logo, 3,000 item + pricing, product photos and descriptions, custom artwork and a standard web marketing package offering (same as above).  Starting in 2010, the entire offering includes monthly Video-Blogs, text blogs, monthly E-Newsletter, online registration for E-Mail list acquisition and monthly Social Media updates (Craigslist, Twitter, Face Book, Thumbtack, Yelp & dedicated YouTube channel)...for what is now...three separate biz units.  
NOTE: Their monthly Video-Blogs are consistently ranked on Google Top 10, which drive traffic to their site and establish their counter sale staff as industry authorities...translating into additional point of purchase sales.  Website Link_click here
Video Reviews (Partial). 

Custom Integrations...Designed just for your business

w/ I-FRAME module integration (for Online Catalog)
Landing Page development
Custom, Video-Blog Series

Help this family operated Flooring retailer launch a dynamic, Rich-Media website and marketing program that would achieve Top10 Google Search rankings, launch regular E-Newsletter promos and showcase ever changing manufacturer samples and descriptions (without subscribing to an expensive 3rd party software and setup fee). 
We designed a new animated logo, 2.0 Website redesign (annually), monthly Video-Blog Series, Intro-Video, Landing Pages as feeder sites for new lead acquisition and a custom I-Frame module enabling us to integrate the Shaw Corporate catalog without spending a $9,000 setup fee and $350 monthly subscription fee offered by a 3rd party vendor).   Link to site here. 

PROJECT & CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT...Targeted for your Market ! 

Custom Video and Blog Development
SEO and Competitive Analysis 
"On the Street" Video Product Demos w/hired Actor/Spokesperson

Using limited budget from remaining Kickstarter Project fund, help this startup entrepreneur get more visability on Google Searches using relevant key phrases and keywords.  

SOLUTION: Undertake in-depth competitive analysis in this very saturated vertical, develop and custom landing page to link to existing site.  Hired pro spokesperson to demo bag to iPad users at nearby Apple Store.  Developed 12 episode webisode and blog series for monthly release.  
RESULTS: First page Google listing within 30 days, using keywords:"Wearable iPad bags and Wearable iPad cases " for a fraction of the cost of a AdWords or Ad Sense campaign.
 Video Link here

Ongoing Video Blog Series


PROBLEM: Help this "brick and mortar" family run HVAC installer stay competitive by developing and maintaining an aggressive online marketing presence, where they had no experience. 

SOLUTIONS: Developed a new Web2.0 site to migrate existing content from a early website. Produced an ongoing Video and VideoBlog Series spotlighting monthly promotions, staffers and sales leaders.  Launched regular E-newsletter and blogs.  Integrated all original content with Social Media pages for a uniform message.   View link here  (Email us for password if needed). 

Special Event Marketing...

Technology Profile of SF New Tech

We spent a series of evenings at this acclaimed San Francisco technology mixer. This video was produced to be presented in front of a live audience, links from their website and highlights comments from energized technology mavericks, mavens and early adopters. A perfect example of what we can do for Communications / Sales / Marketing or Investor Relations campaigns.
 See video here.

COOL STUFF...Animations, Product Videos, Motion Graphics            add features as you grow ! 

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Biz Tips:
Did You Know ! 

Every client has unique needs...but shares commonality with all other businesses. MOST ARE AFRAID to be ON-CAMERA !  
Don't worry... our experienced producers make you feel at home and give you these few tips: 
  1. TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW. Don't try to be clever, cute or funny! Our onsite producers will make you laugh and bring out your "inner star." 
  2. DON'T OVER THINK IT,        Answer the questions simply and honesty ! 
  3. TALK ABOUT YOUR STAFF, & CLIENTS. They know your business, sell & buy your product or use your services.  They are  the unsung heroes of your company. Sing their praises and they will sing yours ! 

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