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What Can BVO do for me?...

Our Focus and Important Details

We don't like labels, summations or synopsis...unfortunately, the rest of the world does!  

In that spirit...we offer a package offering leveraging the best of website development, video production and online marketing that gets businesses the results that they need in the new digital marketplace. 

Call us web integrators, call us online web marketing gurus,  digital advertising doctors,  video post-production house or social media campaign experts!   We are all this and more (How about New Media managers, or creative campaign consultants ).  

What we have done, is leverage 20+ years of online, business, advertising, marketing and biz development experience to an integrated online marketing solution which get companies found on popular search engines, gets them away from yellow pages and traditional media and gets them new clients ! for a fraction of the cost of traditional print, radio or TV advertising !   

Our package solutions create a memorable message when clients  find you online and give you access to the latest Web2.0 technologies on a updated website, blog and social media platform !  We incentivize them  to start talking, exchange emails, posts, links, urls, dialogue online and starting a relationship... that will bring you new clients, followers and respect !  

We specializes in creating custom content campaigns...that communicate your company's mission, vision, value proposition, one-of-a-kind staff personalities...which makes your business absolutely unique!

What You Get...

  • Needs Assessment Scope of Work & Action Plan resulting in final bid.  
  • Free Phone Strategy & Planning Session;
  • On-Site Production at your location !
  • 10 days Turnaround for Video or Website!
  • One Round of Minor Revisions
  • Royalty Free Music & Photos!
  • Google Analytics Reports ! 
  • HD and Widescreen Format Standard for all videos. 
NOTE: Call your representative for more details. Payment and signed contract required before production is started. Special Discounts may apply for promotions and offers.

Company History

The time was 2007...Homemade videos were just starting to take off on YouTube, yet most business did not know how to embrace this technology, nor have the expertise to produce their own.  The economy was booming...the crash was less than a year away !  

Having spent two years putting together a 14 episode television reality remodel series,"Rapid Remodel TV,"  our founder, serial entrepreneur and marketing "Mad Man" Allen Tatomer...decided to re-edit some of the 1000 hours of dynamic documentary style footage into shorter clips that would showcase many of the vendors who worked with us. (We were waiting for a cable or TV deal).  Blending real interviews  and great takeaways... we came up with a captivating, emotive and targeted advertising solution that  had good production value yet, was not expensive, told a memorable story in the two to five minute length (much more memorable than a 60 sec. commercial) and was embraced as the perfect online tool to communicate ones unique message, story, product or process.

So was born BizVideosOnline.com, the explosive rise of, niche market, custom, introduction style "Video Profiles." and the shift towards online marketing...away from traditional media.

 These "Intro Videos & Video Profiles" (as they are now known) are streamed on companies' own website and are proving to be the MOST COST EFFECTIVE marketing tool available to businesses !  Stats have shown that there is NO BETTER way to broadcast  and emote your unique message, offering and benefits for a wide, internet audience. 

Following the financial crash and recovery, small business have embraced the necessity to market themselves online giving rise to  online marketing specialists who understand videos, web technologies, SEO, SEM, social media and how this all works together.  Ahead of the curve, we started helping people save money, switch away from yellow page advertising and launch effective and visible online campaigns...continuing to this day ! 

Footnote: We finally landed our syndication deal in 2008 with Comcast On-Demand Northern California. (Playing to over 1 million Bay Area Homes for over a year). See Rapid Remodel TV sample episode LINK HERE  

How to Start ...


The process is EASY, only takes a few days to prepare, includes free phone consultation, takes only one week to schedule and once we arrive, takes less than 10 days to produce...ready for approval. Once we go live our videos start generating excitement, inbound traffic links, top Google search rankings and sales conversions.

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